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The Texas Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) Chambers of Commerce is a coalition of the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce, North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce. We work to achieve equality and inclusion by promoting economic vitality in our communities and strengthening LGBTQ+ and ally businesses.

The 1,000+ LGBTQ+ and Allied businesses of the Chambers speak with one voice. We call upon our local elected representatives to introduce or support legislation that supports diversity in the workplace and opposes discrimination. We know, in Texas, when business thrives, people prosper. For this to happen, all Texans must be included and respected.

Make Your Voice Heard

Use out Digital Advocacy Toolkit to show you support an inclusive economy and to ensure the HUB program includes all diverse-owned businesses. 

The coalition of Texas LGBTQ Chambers has adopted the following as its collective legislative agenda.

Texas LGBTQ Chambers Legislative Agenda
Texas 88th Legislature


Action Item
Support Passage of a comprehensive and fully inclusive non-discrimination law
Support Reforms to state procurement policies to include certified LGBT business enterprises.
Support Continuation of funding for economic development incentive programs including but not limited to: the Texas Enterprise Fund, Event Trust Fund, Texas Tourism, the Texas Music Office, and the Texas Film Commission at levels that keeps Texas competitive with other states.
Support Legislation that improves racial equity in all sectors of the state including education, employment, healthcare and criminal justice.
Opposed Any bill that would restrict gender expression of any performer or define the performance as adult-content on basis of gender nonconforming attire.
Opposed Any bill that would be discriminatory or otherwise damage Texas as a business-friendly state.
Action Item
Support Legislation that maintains public school funding levels established by HB3.
Support Encourage each school operated by a school district or charter school to provide training and resources for the support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) pupils, and strategies to increase support for LGBTQ+ pupils and thereby improve overall school climate
Support Continuing to invest in Small Business Development Centers and their professional business advising and training programs for small business owners.
Support Investing in technology including infrastructure for greater student connectivity and access.
Opposed Any use of school district fund balances to offset state financial obligations.
Action Item
Support Reducing the number of uninsured Texans by securing all available federal funds for the state Medicaid program.
Support Increasing mental health funding, as well as alcohol and prescription drug dependency and abuse funding, to reduce overall burden placed upon taxpayers.
Support Ensure adequate resources to promote health equity and reduce health care disparities. Provide for cultural awareness and competency training.
Opposed Any restriction on medically approved healthcare for transgender youths or adults.
Opposed Any cuts to HIV treatment and preventative health services.
Action Item
Opposed Legislation that limits an individual's right to gender expression.
Opposed Any attempt by the state legislature to further preempt cities’ or counties’ ability to govern and raise funds as determined necessary (i.e., revenue caps), or penalize municipalities who increased taxes above the existing cap due to COVID-19 expenses.
Opposed Legislation that would erode municipal authority related to development matters, including with respect to the following issues: annexation, eminent domain, public right-of-way, zoning, and building codes.
Action Item
Support Continuing the policy of no diversions from the Highway Trust Fund.
Support Maintaining existing law relating to eminent domain authority to allow planning and development of new and/or expanded transportation corridors including highways, high speed rail, commuter rail, freight rail, and transit.
Support Continuing to implement and adequately fund the Texas State Water Plan to meet the water supply needs associated with future population growth and the economic development.
Opposed Any attempt to impose a state tax on jet fuel.